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Gary Miller

President, CEO

(914) 372-1980

Myriad Wealth Management Group, Ltd. (MWM), a Registered Investment Adviser, is a financial services firm specializing in providing a broad range of financial related services to high net worth individuals, business owners and senior professionals in the business and financial communities.

MWM uses its experience and specialty to assist its clients in formulating and implementing plans of actions that most efficiently and effectively pursue their specific objectives.  These objectives generally fall into the following distinct yet interrelated categories: ESTATE PLANNING which includes the organizing of the estate for the orderly disposition to heirs and also minimizing taxes; WEALTH ACCUMULATION AND RETIREMENT PLANNING, which includes the formulation and monitoring of investment portfolios to work towards specific goals at various levels of investment risk, as well as the analysis of existing portfolios for suitability and marketability of investments; also included is an analysis of current assets to future objectives, as well as an evaluation of alternative planning techniques to minimize taxation and maximize value so assets are available to fund future financial objectives; BUSINESS CONTINUITY/FRINGE BENEFIT PLANNING, which includes the legal and financial aspects of business formulation, continuity and disposition, as well as the development of executive benefit plans to pursue senior management and company financial, retirement and key-man objectives; and COORDINATION of all of the above into one consolidated course of action to manage stated objectives.

Representatives of MWM maintain the belief that planning should be approached as a real world experience.  As such, each plan that is developed is uniquely reflective of each client’s respective tolerances, biases and objectives.  To enable this to be pursued, representatives encourage their clients to be involved in all aspects of the planning process.  The plan, after all, is for the client, and cannot be considered adequate or complete until it fully reflects the client’s needs, objectives and desires. 

It is also our belief that no plan is effective that cannot be implemented.  To facilitate implementation, we can provide directly, or through third parties, the appropriate products and services required to address each need and resolve each problem identified in the planning process. 

Finally, we look at planning as a process (our approach) and not an activity done once and forgotten.  Experience has shown that an individual’s, and a company’s conditions can, and many times do, change dramatically over time.  As conditions change, the plans previously implemented should be managed to reflect the changes in events and circumstances.  MWM encourages periodic reviews and reevaluations of all plans on at least an annual basis.  However, adjustments on a timelier basis are recommended as circumstances warrant.

MWM is staffed with professionals with a broad range of first-hand experience in a variety of business markets, business structure (i.e. sole proprietorships, partnerships and different corporate forms), investment, accounting and legal matters.  To supplement and complement its own professional, administrative and support staff, MWM maintains relationships with outside tax and estate attorneys, CPAs and financial, pension and investment experts to whom it turns to provide specialized attention to specific issues.  To provide maximum comfort to its clients, MWM also works closely within its clients’ existing professional relationships.