Financial planning is the discipline of preparing for the future. It is establishing a framework that identifies financial goals, as well as the means to help clients manage their short-term and long-term objectives, and thus, create or preserve wealth. The approach taken by representatives of MWM to help pursue these objectives differentiates us from other financial organizations. It is an integrated, independent, individualized and ongoing approach. These concepts help to separate us from others and distinguish our representatives as leaders in the increasingly complex world of financial planning and management.


Financial planning is a process that involves insight in a number of areas, and thus, requires input from a variety of professionals such as CPAs, tax and estate attorneys, insurance and investment professionals, benefits experts and business planners. We work closely with a network of professionals that can help clients structure and implement financial plans that address relevant tax, insurance and business considerations, as well as legal issues, benefits related questions and other key areas. We work together with the team of professionals with whom the clients have established long-term relationships. From the client's perspective, this ensures that long-established relationships remain intact and continuity is maintained.


Representatives of MWM have relationships, through their Broker Dealer, LPL Financial, with a multitude of different investment companies and insurance companies as well as separate relationships with many life and health insurance companies and pension and qualified plan experts. This independent approach ensures that the financial instruments and strategies that we recommend are selected for their appropriateness.


There is no single formula for an effective financial plan. What is appropriate for one client may not achieve the desired results for another. We understand this and adopted the philosophy that a financial plan must reflect clients' individual tolerances, biases and objectives. Thus, we work closely with clients to identify specific objectives and to put in place the best plan to help accomplish those objectives, using the proper financial instruments. This belief guides every step taken in the financial planning and monitoring process. It is also why we encourage client involvement in all aspects of the planning process. A client that is actively engaged in the process is one with a greater understanding of his or her own goals and objectives. This, in turn, maximizes the value that we bring to our clients.


Effective financial planning is a process. It is not a once in a -lifetime activity. No financial plan can work effectively if it is not flexible and responsive to changing conditions- whether those changes relate to market fluctuations, changes in tax laws or personal goals that have evolved. Thus, as conditions change, we assess the plans in place and make appropriate adjustments. Like a road map, a plan is effective only when it continues to guide clients in the direction they want to move. In light of this, we encourage reviews of all plans on at least an annual basis.